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You can withdraw your package 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but you must leave your scheduled visit. To schedule a Claim Office must request the service at the Office opening hours.

aPreciosdeRemate!! is the place you've always wanted a space to match the best electronics stores that allows its customers phones, digital cameras and accessories and supplies electronic products and technologies for quality at bargain prices!

Highlights the diversity of its products and services to provide rapid responses to changing situations in their activities. For this reason, maintaining a level of income sufficient to increase the long-term value of the company and provide the resources needed to achieve business objectives in a legal and ethical framework.

Encourages, promotes and supports technological advances and in turn, invited the representatives and others interested in the questions forum users, will soon be available on this site. 

To do this, on the basis of their work with appropriate technology in its production processes and administrative processes, and relies on the commitment of individuals who belong to continued growth and programmed.

When the second decade of the twenty aPreciosdeRemate! the company will be flexible in the field of electronic commerce on their products and services managed to convene people interested in several items, products and issues related to technology, not only as an electronics store, but words of advice for the selection of items that fits your needs and exceed your expectations.

Performed on a stage entertainment components to evaluate and develop activities that encourage or reinforce, the renewed image of e-commerce or online shop in terms of technological innovation and electronic e-commerce.

The costs and risks must be adequately compensated.

Products and services must offer customer satisfaction and contribute to improving the community.

Each employee will be considered a person, respecting its integrity and recognize their merit. They offer working conditions clean, orderly and safe and their compensation is reasonable.

Product development and related services will be based on society's ability to achieve the productive and strong positions in the market, without losing the purpose and mission aPreciosdeRemate! aPreciosdeRemate!.

It will motivate people within the organization to contribute their talents to achieve business objectives, productivity, initiative and constant innovation. It will make all efforts to establish excellent management and comply with tax laws, the business will be done with ethics and integrity.

Les coûts et les risques encourus doivent être convenablement indemnisés.

Les produits et services doit offrir satisfaction aux clients et contribuer à l'amélioration de la communauté.

Chaque employé sera considéré comme une personne, en respectant son intégrité et de reconnaître leur mérite. Ils offrent des conditions de travail propre, sûr et ordonné et leur rémunération est raisonnable.

Le développement de produits et de services connexes sera fondée sur les capacités de la société d'assurer la réalisation des positions solides et productifs sur le marché, sans perdre l'objectif et la mission de aPreciosdeRemate! aPreciosdeRemate!!.

Il va motiver les gens au sein de l'organisation à contribuer leurs talents pour atteindre les objectifs d'affaires, la productivité, d'initiative et d'innovation constante.

Il fera tous les efforts visant à établir une excellente gestion et se conformer aux lois fiscales, la gestion des affaires se fera avec l'éthique et l'intégrité.

Manage resources to achieve and maintain productivity and increasingly high levels of profitability result of the effectiveness of the organization

This more than a business purpose is the driving force behind the genesis of aPreciosdeRemate! , Since the objective is formulated as a policy and in general is the fundamental meaning of society.

Ensure quality of products and services to maintain, gain the respectet customer loyalty through the continuity of supply, reliability, quality and service.

Our fundamental objective is to obtain the satisfaction of our customers to assurerla growth aPreciosdeRemate! And remain on the market.

Grow as fast as the markets it serves

This objective is valid in terms of creating activities that manage prospéritéaPreciosdeRemate! ! to achieve them is essential to build on the mission ETDE policies and maintain the belief that society must do all that sestravaux for excellence.

Commitment to research and development of improved products and services and procedures that promote greater effectiveness and satisfaction.

aPreciosdeRemate!! should become the first hotel to expresswash of the company, which promotes the dissemination andpromotion of technology, not only support and sales, but corresponds to a site evaluation, conservation and reinterpretation of technology and culture as a space topromote the humanization of daily life, dialogue, debate, andthe collection development activities outlined in the service station.

This objective is associated with the company's visionaPreciosdeRemate! She is the transformation of society for the future..

With the purpose and intent of promoting the care of the planet, we want to you, encouraging consumption of recycled and environmentally friendly to meet their packaging needs, packing, wrapping and containers. Authorizes use ecological packaging, your world feels


When the design starts to be not only functional but innovative and ecologically, then we are taking steps to save the planet. These are your gifts, a bag of prepared and decorated with organic materials ...