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Espumador Recargable Leche Café Chocolate Cappuccino



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  • [ Smart Kitchen Gadget ]- 2 multi-function blenders, the whisk make it easy to create professional morning & afternoon coffee , and the balloon whisk is perfect to help you whip cream, egg yolks and whites etc
  • [ Intelligent speed, rotation adjustable ] -Our products are available in three-speed adjustable, 1st gear - low,suitable for viscous liquids and food, egg yolk stirring, etc., 2th gear - medium,suitable for viscous mid-range liquids and objects, egg whites, 3rd- high, Suitable for viscous liquids and foods, milk foam, etc
  • [ USB Charging ]-The frother is powered by built-in rechargeable battery,it let you can charge anywhere, any time , don’t worry hassle battery replacement, give you the extreme convenient
  • [ Powerful and Long Lasting Motor ] - Upgrade motor design which is extremely enhance durability and keep great efficiency performance
  • [ Updated Joint Head ] - This new version we discard spring joint head and adopt new fit joint head,for avoid easy to shake problem, let the stirrer is more stable, and easier to disassemble and clean
  • Friendly & Professional Assistant

    1)Let your family and friends with you more closely, just need make delicious and professional recipe, such as coffee / hot chocolate /  frothy cocktail / tea etc by our milk frother. 


    1)Lightweight and moderate size design not only convenient for kitchen but also great for office, school or travel.

    2)Low decibel keep you a peace mood and won’t effect family’s sleep in early morning.

    Super Easy To Use-One Button Spin Your World

    1)Put the milk frother into the cup with drink and power it on, the frother will get to work then you will have the desire amount of foam, and you will enjoy a professional style foam drink.

    2)When the frother / whip finished,please remember to take off the the on/off button then lifting the whisk out of milk/ egg to avoid spraying the liquid everywhere.
    3)Easy to clean- just put the whisk in fresh water to wash or detach the whisk for washing if needed.
    4)WARNING: Never washing the body of the milk frother in water,when not use,please remember to keep the body in a dry location protected from sunlight.

    Product Details:

    1x milk frother

    Double whisk
    1x charging cable
    1x instruction manual

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